Sunday, November 29, 2009

Salvation Army Bell Ringer

For the photo essay, I decided to go talk to one of the bell ringers we all see outside grocery and department stores. I went to WalMart, located on SR 64 in Bradenton, Fl. Here, I met Lee Morgan, 54 who told me all about his job. What one may not know is that this job is actually a job. He gets paid from 9 to 5, and he is out there most of the week.

Lee Morgan, 54, is a bell ringer for the Salvation Army. This is his first year.

Morgan talked to many customers, and many were willing to talk to him. Here, a couple discussed how they just bought the teddy bear for an Adopt a Family child.

Many people and their families donated, even if it was just lose change.

Morgan rang the bell, even if no one was outside. He said people rely on the bell and associate the bell with the Salvation Army with the holidays.
By the time I arrived to the post, the bucket was near full with dollar bills.

Morgan said Good Morning to just about every person who passed. Some didn't even acknowledge his wishes.

It was surprising how many people walked past without even looking at the station. What Morgan was very adamant about was that all the money donated went back to the community. He, who is a recovered drug addict, as benefited from the help of the Army.

Morgan stood outside Walmart with a smiling face and a ringing bell even when no one was around.
Morgan said his hand was stiff and stuck holding the bell. He said that was what happens when you get old.

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