Monday, November 9, 2009

St. Augustine Juxtaposition

Photos taken by James Webb and Alaina Cordes.

Although the downtown area of St. Augustine is seen as economically stable, it is not the case for surrounding areas. It is common knowledge that Lincolnville in St. Augustine is one of the poorer areas of town. Yet, it is full of life and genuine people. The following depicts the culture and poverty in Lincolnville. The story may have been told numerous times, but it this was my first experience in such a proximal neighborhood.

Buildings exhibit "NO TRESPASSING" signs to keep out unwanted visitors, but it does not keep nature from entering the house.

Tarps covering and protecting the roof have been there so long, they have become worn and frayed by the Florida weather.

There seems to be a pattern of porches furnished with weathered chairs, empty bottles and cracked pillars. Everything is protected with chain-linked fences.

Among the deteriorating wood and broken concrete lies a culture that is openly celebrated. The mural on the outside of Lincolnville is a prime example that the people and the culture sometimes outweigh the appearance of a community.

As we walked around Lincolnville, we encountered many people sitting around their yards with their dogs and kids more than willing to say hello. We chose not to take photos of the people so that we did not disrupt the afternoons they were clearly enjoying.

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